Co-Enzyme Q10 Sublingual Tablet 50mg


There has been so much written about Co-Enzyme Q-10 in recent years, we hardly know where to start. Co-Enzyme Q-10 is a nutritional supplement that is specific to supporting and feeding the mitochondria of the cell. The mitochondria is called the powerhouse of the cell and is where the cells in your body get their energy. Virtually every cell in your body have mitochondria. The amount of mitochondria in a given cell depend on what the function of that particular cell is and it's importance to your system. For example, the heart is responsible for moving blood through your system 24 hours a day. It must constantly work to keep you alive. For this reason, heart cells, have far more mitochondria than any other type of cell in your body. Even heart specialists are finally beginning to see the importance of Co-Enzyme Q-10 and many of them are recommending it to their patients. By the time we reach our mid 40's our body's own production of Co-Enzyme Q-10 is about half of what it was in our 20's. For this reason, many choose to supplement their Co-Enzyme Q-10. Many of the cells utilized in our defense mechanism have a large quantity of mitochondria.  Several studies and books have been published on the health benefits of co enzyme Q-10. We have two Co-Enzyme Q-10 products.  First, there is the original form called ubiquinone. Since ubiquinone is oil soluble, it is recommended that it be taken with food. However, the losange form is by far the most efficient way to absorb the oil soluble form of Co-Enzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone), allowing for more efficient absorption. But now, there is a new form of Co Enzyme Q-10 called Ubiquinol which is water soluble. Recent studies have demonstrated that ubiquinol is AT LEAST 3 times more efficiently absorbed than standard ubiquinone tablets or capsules. The losange form has not been tested with ubiuinol. Ubiquinol is also known as the reduced form of Co Enzyme Q-10 which means it is ultimately the form that is utilized in the body.  What ever percentage of ubiquinone that is absorbed by the human body is then converted to the ubiquinol (water soluble) form. The Ubiquinol skips the process of the body having to convert it and it is more efficiently absorbed for this reason and because it is in the water soluble form.