Gestall - Enzyme Based Digestive

EACH TWO PHASE TABLET SUPPLIES: First Phase (stomach) Ammonium Chloride - 100 mg Glycine - 40 mg Pepsin (1:2,500) - 125 mg Papain (2,000 usp units/gram - 75 mg Bromelain - 150 mg Ginger Root( standardized extract) - 75 mg Second Phase (duodenum; pH sensitive enteric coated) Pancreatin (4 X) - 100 mg Lipase (8000 usp units/gram) - 75 mg Bromelain (600 gdu/ gram) - 50 mg α-Chymotrypsin (1000 u/g) - 1 mg Trypsin (75,000 units/ gram; 1:75) - 25 mg Ox Bile Extract - 75 mg Availability: Usually ships the same business day

This two-phase enzyme product might be chosen by those individuals who have sufficient or too much hydrochloric acid production and would like to aid their digestion with digestive enzymes and other nutrients that have been shown to work synergistically with enzymes. The first phase contains enzymes capable of thriving in an acid environment, along with an amino acid and herbs that have been used for years by nutritional minded physicians to aid digestion and soothe the stomach. The second phase contains micro-encapsulated pH sensitive enteric coated enzymes and other synergistic factors to aid in the second phase of digestion that takes place in the duodenum. This supplement is helpful no matter what the cause is for your indigestion. Support for both phases of digestion is more efficient and brings the most comfort.