Arthritis & Joint Support


Arthrite is a highly advanced joint health formulation. It is specially designed to provide the important nutritional support needed to maintain healthy joints. It contains a patented cartilage extract (Cell Renew/ Chicken cartilage II) high in hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. It also contains CMO (cetyl myristoleate) an important fatty acid ester and probable immune system modulator. This complete formula also contains important minerals, nutrients and herbs. Watch for special upcoming offers on this product!



Chondrosamine is a combination of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate, the natural building blocks of cartilage. Many studies have shown that glucosamine/chondroitin help rebuild the interjoint cushion which is cartilage. We cannot possibly add to the copious articles written about Glucosamine Sulfate as it applies to its use with arthritis sufferers.

Many arthritis sufferers have reported excellent results with glucosamine sulfate. Some claim that it has completely eliminated their pain. There have been many articles and books calling it a "cure" that actually rebuilds cartilage tissue that has been damaged or destroyed. Although the verdict still isn't in on that claim, we do know that many have claimed excellent results. Recently there have been books written that claim that you also need a substance called chondroitin sulfate in order to achieve the maximum results with glucosamine sulfate. Once ingested, Chondroitin Sulfate is converted to Glucosamine Sulfate. It can take up to 3 weeks to see the full benefits from Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, or a combination of the two.

A quick word about the use of shark cartilage. Many are taking shark cartilage along with glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate or a combination of the two. Keep in mind that ANY cartilage product is about 98 % chondroitin sulfate. The reason that relief is noticed after a regimen of shark cartilage is because it is almost all chondroitin sulfate! True it does contain other factors, but none that benefit the symptoms of arthritis except the chondroitin sulfate. This is an expensive way to get your glucosamine or your chondroitin sulfate. If you are using shark cartilage and glucosamine sulfate along with chondroitin sulfate, you can probably save yourself a substantial amount by eliminating the shark cartilage. If after eliminating the shark cartilage things aren't going as well, we suggest that you increase your glucosamine sulfate or chondroitin since they are less expensive than shark cartilage. Chondrosamine contains: Glucosamine Sulfate- 600 mg and Chondroitin Sulfate - 300 mg



DLPA Complex was specifically formulated with the most up to date data about pain control in mind. For centuries African natives have utilized the herb Devils Claw to control pain during childbirth. More recently, holistic and nutritionally oriented physicians have been recommending DL- Phenylalanine (DLPA) for chronic pain control and in cases of inflammation, a natural occurring sulfur based compound called MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). Since researchers believe that MSM may have the capability to facilitate the absorption and utilization of other substances along with its apparent anti-inflammatory properties, it is quite possible that this is the ultimate formula for those suffering from chronic pain. It has been noted in many articles written that it may take up to 3 weeks for some to see results with DLPA while others experience results in just a few days.



Glucosamine Sulfate is a normal constituent of the cartilage that is between the bones in joints and other connective tissue. As we age or as a result of injury this "cushion" often deteriorates leaving us with aching joints and arthritis. Glucosamine Sulfate supplementation has been shown to help rebuild that cushion and relieve the symptoms of the cartilage and connective system breakdown. (see Chondrosamine)


MSM- 1000 mg Capsules

What can we say about MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) that hasn't already been said? The most common information in print refers to MSM and testimonials claiming tremendous benefits for relieving the symptoms of arthritis. However, current publications also give testimony to the thousands of individuals that are using MSM and achieving results with such a wide variety of situations from asthma to fibromyalgia and everything in between, including softer skin and stronger nails, acid reflux (GERD), arthritic and other pain, allergies, sports injuries, inflammation, reduction and softening of scars, etc.


SHARK CARTILAGE 750 mg Capsules

Shark cartilage has earned a reputation for performance in the last few years. It is an excellent source for the glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate that are commonly used in rebuilding arthritic joints. As you can see, this dietary supplement has many potential uses. There have been media reports on studies and books written on the controversial topic as to whether or not Shark Cartilage has an impact on tumors and other angiogenisis related disorders such as "wet" macular degeneration.


DISC SUPPORT- formula for intervertebral disc health

Disc Support is a specially designed blend of minerals and other nutrients designed to help rebuild and maintain the health of the intervertebral disc.


OSTEO FORTE – Bone health Formula

There has been much research focused on bone health for the past several decades and there is perhaps no better product on the market to address bone health than Osteo Forte. While modern medicine has focused on calcium as the primary treatment for and prevention of bone disorders such as osteoporosis and osteopenia, more recent research seems to indicate that although calcium is an important aspect of bone health, it appears that it may actually be much less important than originally thought. Calcium certainly plays a vital role, but it appears that the focus on the ingestion of large doses of calcium with very little focus on other factors is misguided. Although calcium is by far the most common mineral found in skeletal tissue, bones are actually comprised of several other minerals. Some of these minerals as well as other nutrients appear to be important factors in aiding in the assimilation of calcium.

It has been known for years that boron is an important factor in helping bones gather and retain calcium. Another important but too often ignored element in the structure of bones is silica. And more recently, the element strontium has gotten a lot of attention from researchers. It appears that Strontium seems to have the ability to significantly increase bone density according to research results. It has been well known for some time that vitamin D (specifically Vitamin D-3) is crucial for bone health, and more recent research now seems to indicate that Vitamin K-2 is not only a critical factor in bone health, it appears that it may be the key to proper calcium absorption for bones and maintaining a healthy circulatory system. Some researchers and physicians make the argument that Vitamin K-2 is the most important nutrient second only to calcium in supporting healthy bone and correcting bone health issues. They point to other countries that have diets rich in vitamin K, but much lower calcium intakes and yet have far fewer problems with bone density issues and disorders such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. The vitamin K-2 revelation seems to have come from observation that osteoporosis was virtually unknown in China while the typical diets of Chinese are not known to be rich in calcium, but instead are rich in Vitamin K. The average person in China ingests only about 200 mg of calcium daily, raising interest in the role of Vitamin K-2 in bone health.

It used to be recommended that American women ingest 1000 mg of calcium daily to prevent and/or help treat osteoporosis. That recommended 1000 mg dose of calcium has been increased over the years to 1500 mg daily and now some physicians are recommending 2000 mg daily, and still getting poor results. Yet osteopenia and osteoporosis are rampant in America while those problems are virtually unknown in China where calcium consumption is far less. This alone would note prove that Vitamin K-2 has a significant involvement with bone health, or any involvement for that matter. But it did lead to further research. What researchers found is that Vitamin K-2, an oil soluble vitamin was critical for the production of osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is a hormone that signals and directs calcium where it is needed in the human body. Without it, Calcium can wander aimlessly through the body until it deposits in random locations. It is now believed by researchers that Vitamin K-2 deficiencies may also be a critical factor with those who have a tendency to deposit calcium in their arteries. Without Vitamin K-2, osteocalcin levels are deficient. In turn calcium wanders around aimlessly until it is either picked up somewhere along its journey, or until it is deposited somewhere that it isn’t particularly needed including the circulatory system.

Another misstep in addressing bone health is the type of calcium used. Even with the biologically verified fact that you get better absorption when you complex a molecule, many in the medical profession are still not utilizing the best types of calcium. Some physicians are still recommending calcium carbonate which is most commonly used in antacids, and by far is the very worst type of calcium for bone health. Carbonic acid is not needed by the human body which makes the use of calcium carbonate for bone health deficient. And since research has proven that you need an acid medium to properly digest and assimilate calcium, it makes the use of antacids as a calcium source down right absurd. The very best types of calcium are amino acid chelates. Human cells put a high priority on protein. By attaching a calcium molecule to a protein, cells searching for protein will take in the protein that is attached to the calcium and the calcium goes along with the protein when it is ingested through active transport into the cell. Cells of specific tissues put a priority on specific amino acids (protein) that they are looking for to maintain proper health of the cell. Attaching an amino acid that is commonly sought by skeletal tissue to calcium is the best approach to get calcium to the bone.

So why is Osteo Forte the best bone health formula available? Osteo-Forte uses Calcium Aspartate as its calcium source. Calcium Aspartate is calcium attached to the amino Acid (protein) L-Aspartic acid which is a protein sought by skeletal tissue. Osteo Forte also contains phosphorus, vitamin D-3, vitamin K-2, Strontium, Boron, and Horsetail Rush (a source of silica). The source of Vitamin K-2 is Menaquinone-7 or better known as MK-7. MK-7 is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin K-2 and is available in a moderate dose which is important since Vitamin K-2 is an oil soluble vitamin. Large doses of ANY oil soluble vitamin should NOT be taken without consulting with a health care professional. Oil soluble vitamins have a tendency to store in the liver. High doses of oil soluble vitamins will store in the liver and can cause liver congestion and lead to serious complications. Water soluble vitamins on the other hand do not store in the liver.



Osteogenix from Wellgenix offers an advanced Joint Support Formula containing: Glucosamine sulphate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, Vitamin D-3, Chinese Scullcap Root, and Hyaluronic Acid in a high potency complex formula.