Gland & Organ Support

We carry a unique list of formulas for glandular and organ support. Among them are formulas that support the liver, prostate, adrenals, heart, pancreas, thymus, spleen, lungs, mammary, bones, and others. When possible, we try to put our formulas in capsules for more rapid breakdown and assimilation of the ingredients. However, due to space limitations, we will sometimes put formulas into tablets. Since tablets are compressed, you can get approximately double the ingredients in a tablet than you can a capsule of the same size. Natural disintegration compounds are utilized in our tablet formulas to insure rapid disintegration in the stomach or duodenum to aid in assimilation.


We often utilize lyophilized (freeze dried) whole glandular tissue in our formulas for glandular support. Raw glandular tissue has been used for decades by health care practitioners to help build and maintain glandular health. Although the practice of utilizing raw glandular substance has been ignored by modern orthodox medicine, glandulars are viewed by many naturopaths, chiropractors, and other alternative and nutritional minded practitioners as one of the best ways to boost glandular function and maintain the health of that specific gland.



Our Adrenal Force product is a unique formulation designed to support the adrenal glands and consists of: B vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium combined with Lyophilized Adrenal and other glandular extracts, Siberian Ginseng, Panax Ginseng, L-Tyrosine, Bioflavonoids, L-Methionine, and Choline. Two different types of Ginseng are utilized because although they both have similar functions, they both also have unique functions and properties that make it beneficial to use both these types of Ginseng in a formulation to support adrenal health. This carefully researched and unique combination of nutrients is a powerful supplement that aids and supports adrenal function. After only a few days on this amazing formula, reports of having more energy, better sleep, reduced reactions to allergens, reduced incidence and severity of headaches, and more. The Adrenal glands play a significant role in our body and they are abused nearly every day with ingestion of caffeine, stress and other emotions, as well as the daily intake of toxins through food and the air we breathe. Supplementing your adrenal glands can make a huge difference in the way you feel.


OSTEO FORTE – Bone health Formula

There has been much research focused on bone health for the past several decades and there is perhaps no better product on the market to address bone health than Osteo Forte. While modern medicine has focused on calcium as the primary treatment for and prevention of bone disorders such as osteoporosis and osteopenia, more recent research seems to indicate that although calcium is an important aspect of bone health, it appears that it may actually be much less important than originally thought. Calcium certainly plays a vital role, but it appears that the focus on the ingestion of large doses of calcium with very little focus on other factors is misguided. Although calcium is by far the most common mineral found in skeletal tissue, bones are actually comprised of several other minerals. Some of these minerals as well as other nutrients appear to be important factors in aiding in the assimilation of calcium.

It has been known for years that boron is an important factor in helping bones gather and retain calcium. Another important but too often ignored element in the structure of bones is silica. And more recently, the element strontium has gotten a lot of attention from researchers. It appears that Strontium seems to have the ability to significantly increase bone density according to research results. It has been well known for some time that vitamin D (specifically Vitamin D-3) is crucial for bone health, and more recent research now seems to indicate that Vitamin K-2 is not only a critical factor in bone health, it appears that it may be the key to proper calcium absorption for bones and maintaining a healthy circulatory system. Some researchers and physicians make the argument that Vitamin K-2 is the most important nutrient second only to calcium in supporting healthy bone and correcting bone health issues. They point to other countries that have diets rich in vitamin K, but much lower calcium intakes and yet have far fewer problems with bone density issues and disorders such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. The vitamin K-2 revelation seems to have come from observation that osteoporosis was virtually unknown in China while the typical diets of Chinese are not known to be rich in calcium, but instead are rich in Vitamin K. The average person in China ingests only about 200 mg of calcium daily, raising interest in the role of Vitamin K-2 in bone health.

It used to be recommended that American women ingest 1000 mg of calcium daily to prevent and/or help treat osteoporosis. That recommended 1000 mg dose of calcium has been increased over the years to 1500 mg daily and now some physicians are recommending 2000 mg daily, and still getting poor results. Yet osteopenia and osteoporosis are rampant in America while those problems are virtually unknown in China where calcium consumption is far less. This alone would note prove that Vitamin K-2 has a significant involvement with bone health, or any involvement for that matter. But it did lead to further research. What researchers found is that Vitamin K-2, an oil soluble vitamin was critical for the production of osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is a hormone that signals and directs calcium where it is needed in the human body. Without it, Calcium can wander aimlessly through the body until it deposits in random locations. It is now believed by researchers that Vitamin K-2 deficiencies may also be a critical factor with those who have a tendency to deposit calcium in their arteries. Without Vitamin K-2, osteocalcin levels are deficient. In turn calcium wanders around aimlessly until it is either picked up somewhere along its journey, or until it is deposited somewhere that it isn’t particularly needed including the circulatory system.

Another misstep in addressing bone health is the type of calcium used. Even with the biologically verified fact that you get better absorption when you complex a molecule, many in the medical profession are still not utilizing the best types of calcium. Some physicians are still recommending calcium carbonate which is most commonly used in antacids, and by far is the very worst type of calcium for bone health. Carbonic acid is not needed by the human body which makes the use of calcium carbonate for bone health deficient. And since research has proven that you need an acid medium to properly digest and assimilate calcium, it makes the use of antacids as a calcium source down right absurd. The very best types of calcium are amino acid chelates. Human cells put a high priority on protein. By attaching a calcium molecule to a protein, cells searching for protein will take in the protein that is attached to the calcium and the calcium goes along with the protein when it is ingested through active transport into the cell. Cells of specific tissues put a priority on specific amino acids (protein) that they are looking for to maintain proper health of the cell. Attaching an amino acid that is commonly sought by skeletal tissue to calcium is the best approach to get calcium to the bone.

So why is Osteo Forte the best bone health formula available? Osteo-Forte uses Calcium Aspartate as its calcium source. Calcium Aspartate is calcium attached to the amino Acid (protein) L-Aspartic acid which is a protein sought by skeletal tissue. Osteo Forte also contains phosphorus, vitamin D-3, vitamin K-2, Strontium, Boron, and Horsetail Rush (a source of silica). The source of Vitamin K-2 is Menaquinone-7 or better known as MK-7. MK-7 is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin K-2 and is available in a moderate dose which is important since Vitamin K-2 is an oil soluble vitamin. Large doses of ANY oil soluble vitamin should NOT be taken without consulting with a health care professional. Oil soluble vitamins have a tendency to store in the liver. High doses of oil soluble vitamins will store in the liver and can cause liver congestion and lead to serious complications. Water soluble vitamins on the other hand do not store in the liver.



We have two heart health formulas. Our basic heart health formula is called Cardioplex. Cardioplex is designed as a general cardio (heart) health formula that is formulated to supply synergistic nutrients to aid heart health. The Cardioplex formula contains the following: Raw Heart Concentrate (from bovine source)- 250 mg; Hawthorne Berry Herb- 150 mg; Calcium-100 mg; Magnesium- 50 mg; Chromium- 20 mcg; Selenium- 25 mg.

Our more advanced heart health formula is called Heart Formula Plus. It is a far more complex formula that was formulated after extensive research for the purpose of providing nutrients that would best aid heart health. The Heart Formula Plus contains: Lyophilized Heart- 160 mg; Hawthorne Berry- 48 mg; Motherwort- 48 mg; Gugulipid- 75 mg; Co Enzyme Q-10- 10 mg; L-Carnatine- 20 mg; Dimethyl Glycine- 25 mg; Vitamin B-1 -15mg; Vitamin B-6 -8mg; Vitamin B-12- 167 mcg; Folic Acid- 67 mcg; Magnesium Aspartate- 65 mg; Calcium Aspartate- 90 mg



Our Liver Complex contains a lyophilized extract of 600 mg of raw liver from bovine source along with folic acid and vitamin B-12 which are well-known as nutrients that support liver function.



Hepatoplex is our advanced liver formula that utilizes 250 mg of lyophilized liver along with Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, other B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Choline, Inositol, and Dimethyl Glycine. In addition, Hepatoplex also contains the amino acids L-Carnatine, and L-Methionine and the herbs Milk Thistle (standardized extract containing 80% Silymarin), Cascara Sagrada Bark, and Dandelion Root. All of these ingredients have been heavily researched and included for the purpose of specifically supplying nutrients to aid healthy liver function.




Our Pneumaplex formula contains 200 mg of lyophilized lung from bovine source, 5,000 IU of natural Beta Carotene, 100 mg each of the herbs Pleurisy Root, Fenugreek, Thyme, and Yerba Santa. Pneumaplex also contains 25 mg of Perilla Seed and 200 mg of Slippery Elm. Again, these ingredients were painstakingly researched to provide in our opinion the best supplement for lung support on the market.



Our lymph glandular contains 175 mg of Lyophilized lymph from bovine source.



Our Mammary Complex contains 150 mg of raw mammary from bovine source, 25 mg of vitamin B-1, and 15 mcg of selenium to bring a much needed supplement to support mammary health.



Gluco Norm is a unique formula to aid in general pancreatic health. But more importantly Gluco-Norm is designed as an aid to maintaining proper blood glucose levels. This heavily researched formula contains:

L-Aspartic Acid (found in high concentrations in islet cells); GTF Chromium & Chromium Polynicotinate- 75 mg each; Vanadyl Sulfate- 5 mg; Gymnema Sylvestre- 125 mg; Bitter Melon- 125 mg; Banaba extract- 5 mg; Cinnamon Extract- 30 mg; Salacia Oblonga- 75 mg; Lyophilized Pancreas- 100 mg; Lyophilized Liver- 75 mg,; Lyophilized Adrenal- 75 mg.

All glandulars are from a bovine source.



There are a very large number of prostate formulas on the market today. Some Prostate formulas contain one, two, or maybe three specific herbs like Saw Palmetto, Swedish Flower Pollen, Pygeum Africanum, Pumpkin Seed Extract, or Stinging Nettle Root. Some only contain Beta-Sitosterol and some prostate formulas will combine a couple of the above mentioned herbs with Beta Sitosterol and maybe one or two other ingredients. So which formula is best? Well, ours is. We combine all of the above mentioned herbs and nutrients along with Zinc and 75 mg of lyophilized prostate from bovine source to bring you what is in our opinion, the best prostate formula available.



Our Spleen contains 260 mg of Lyophilized (freeze dried) Spleen from bovine source per capsule.



Our thymus glandular contains 225 mg of Lyophilized (freeze dried) Thymus of bovine source per capsule.

These statements have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and none of the supplements or ingredients mentioned above is intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or mitigate any disease.