Immune system


Albicanex was designed to specifically target yeast with a powerful 3 pronged assault. Cellulase to attack the yeast's cell wall, α-Chymotrypsin to infiltrate and demolish the internal workings of the yeast after the cell wall is down and botanical extracts with anti-biotic properties to finish the job the enzymes started. You will be hard pressed to find a more useful supplement in your anti-yeast regime!


BEE POLLEN- 500 mg

Bee pollen has been used as a high energy food source for centuries. It is a great source for Protein, B Complex vitamins, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, enzymes, carotenes (several fractions), minerals and plant sterols (phytonutrients) It has been reported that bee pollen has some anti-microbial effect and may help allergy sufferers. It also helps fatigue and related problems. But it should be noted that some allergy sufferers may respond negatively from Bee Pollen.



Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) has been used as an immune system enhancing tonic for thousands of years. It is an excellent supplement for use against infections, viruses and other immune disorders.



Echinacea has been used to reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu for many years. If you are looking for a professional quality extract of this useful and important herb then this is the one.



This combination of the amino acid L-Lysine and Bee Pollen was designed to provide a top-quality source of these nutrients which have been used by many complementary practitioners to help with outbreaks of cold sores and other viral problems like shingles.


THYMUS (glandular) - 225 MG

The thymus is an extremely important gland in the body's defense arsenal. It is the place where T-cells are produced. In the past it was believed that the organ becomes non-functional in adulthood, but some researchers now think that keeping the thymus active is important to maintaining a healthy immune system.


VIRUCIDAL- Defense Formula

Many report that nothing beats Zinc to fight the common cold, while others swear that Grapefruit Seed Extract is the best. Yet others insist that Echinacea or Olive Leaf Extract is the only way to go. Now you no longer have to guess which is the best.

Many nutritionally oriented practitioners for years have reported success with such things as Grapefruit Seed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Zinc, Astragalus, Propolis, Echinacea, and Vitamin D-3. However, more recently, some nutritionally minded physicians are adding or including nutrients such as Mangosteen, Thymus, and Bioflavonoids in their regimens. So, we have placed all of these ingredients into one powerful formula. The Echinacea in this formula is 100 mg of standardized extract that guarantees a concentrated presence of the active ingredient of Echinacea called echinaceasides. There are many types of Echinacea. Because our Echinacea is a concentrated extract AND standardized, it is many times more potent than even the most potent whole Echinacea product that contains a much higher milligram content of Echinacea. The vitamin A and vitamin C are to insure that the Astragalus herb has what it needs to be activated. The citrus Bioflavonoids are for aiding the absorption of Vitamin C as well as contributing additional nutritional support. One could take more vitamin C if they wish, but we feel that the ingredients in this formula has more than enough to accomplish the task without additional vitamin C. Helpful in combatting colds, flu, sinus infections, yeast, warts and other viral and bacterial infections. Furthermore, the addition of Alpha Lipoic Acid allows for recycling of anti-oxidants



Mangosteen Plus is a specialized formula containing the most concentrated Mangosteen available. Yes, that is Mangosteen, not mango. Mangosteen, known as the queen of fruits is rich in antioxidants as well as other nutrients. The high potency of the antioxidant properties of the two most common nutrients known as Xanthones and Oleuropein make Mangosteen unique. The Xanthones in particular appear to have anti-inflammatory properties. Our Mangosteen is a proprietary blend containing a 40% standardized extract of Mangosteen from the pericarp of the fruit where the most concentrated nutrients of Mangosteen are found. Most Mangosteen products such as those found in the most popular Mangosteen based drinks are utilizing only a 10% extract primarily of the fruit. Mangosteen Plus also contains Olive Leaf Extract, Cats Claw, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. The commonly used Mangosteen based drinks typically contain only but a fraction of the Mangosteen found in Mangosteen Plus. There is little question that the drinks are tasty with healthy benefits. However, for a fraction of what you are paying for a single drink, you can get many times more of the healthy contents of the Mangosteen fruit plus the added benefits of the other ingredients in just one capsule of Mangosteen Plus.