Specialty Formulas


Albicanex is designed to specifically target yeast with a powerful 3 pronged assault. Cellulase to attack the yeast's cell wall, α-Chymotrypsin to infiltrate and demolish the internal workings of the yeast after the cell wall is down and botanical extracts with anti-biotic properties to finish the job the enzymes started. You will be hard pressed to find a more useful supplement in your anti-yeast regime!


GLUCO NORM- Blood Glucose Formula

This formulation was arrived at by researching ingredients that are most commonly used by nutritional practitioners who are working with patients who have both low blood sugar and type 2 diabetes. This product contains lyophilized pancreas for support of the pancreas as well as L-Aspartic Acid, a glucogenic amino acid. Along with these compounds, this formula contains a host of herbs heavily researched for the purposes of blood sugar support, and the two most common compounds used by individuals and nutritional practitioners when addressing blood sugar issues, GTF chromium and vanadyl Sulfate. This unique formula is designed to supplement every aspect of the blood glucose balance and control mechanism.


DHEA- 50 mg Capsules

This product is an important hormone precursor which is manufactured by the adrenal gland. DHEA levels are highest when we are near our physical peaks i.e.; our early twenties. As we age our energy levels fall and so does the amount of DHEA we produce. This product can help replace that DHEA and has been touted as bring back some of the "zing"


D-LIMONENE 1000 mg

Super-Limonene is an extract of orange peel. This one is 1053 mg of a 95% extract, yielding 1000 mg of D-Limonene. Compare this product with some on the market at only 250 mg. Only one of our 1000 mg softgels will do the job of four of those products. Most dosages suggest 1000 mg is what most people require to get the job done.

Many of you are looking for natural support or a low-cost alternative for heartburn and/or GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). If you are one of the millions who suffer from one of these this might be just what you are looking for.

How does it work? That's currently the focus of several studies. There is some research that indicates that D-Limonene, which is less dense than water and floats on top of material in the stomach, may help coat the esophagus and soothe the burning of GERD and protecting the tissues. D-Limonene may also have the effect of promoting a faster movement of material in the stomach down into the gut by causing valves to open and close more normally. Along this line of thinking, some have reported help with low-motility and constipation. Whatever the mechanism of action, this might be something that could support your body in combatting the ravages of heartburn, GERD, Constipation or low-motility.

However, if you experience symptoms of acid reflux or GERD, you should consult a physician immediately. Continuing irritation of stomach acid washing back into the esophagus can not only create a great deal of discomfort, it can lead to serious health issues including esophageal cancer.


EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)

This is a combination of Fish Oil (EPA/DHA), Borage Oil (GLA), Flax Seed Oil (ALA) and Evening Primrose Oil (GLA). It is an excellent source of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids. Many find this formula especially helpful in helping to control dandruff

EPA 1000 (Fish Oil)

These oils have been cited in numerous studies as being an important factor in preventing heart and coronary disease.

Our softgel EPA 1000 supplies the following:

1000 mg of concentrated fish-body oils yielding (in addition to other marine fatty acids) the following amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) - 180 mg & DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) - 120 mg

DMG – touted by some to be "pro-Vitamin B-15", but not recognized as such by the Food & Drug Administration, Dimethyl Glycine or as it is better known DMG has had much research and a number of books written about its healthy properties.



Mangosteen Plus is a specialized formula containing the most concentrated Mangosteen available. Yes, that is Mangosteen, not mango. Mangosteen, known as the queen of fruits is rich in antioxidants as well as other nutrients. The high potency of the antioxidant properties of the two most common nutrients known as Xanthones and Oleuropein make Mangosteen unique. The Xanthones in particular appear to have anti-inflammatory properties. Our Mangosteen is a proprietary blend containing a 40% standardized extract of Mangosteen from the pericarp of the fruit where the most concentrated nutrients of Mangosteen are found. Most Mangosteen products such as those found in the most popular Mangosteen based drinks are utilizing only a 10% extract of primarily of the fruit. Mangosteen Plus also contains Olive Leaf Extract, Cats Claw, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. The commonly used Mangosteen based drinks typically contain but a fraction of the Mangosteen found in Mangosteen Plus. There is little question that the drinks are tasty with healthy benefits. However, for a fraction of what you are paying for a single drink, you can get many times more of the healthy contents of the Mangosteen fruit plus the added benefits of the other ingredients in just one capsule of Mangosteen Plus.


SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase)

There are other enzymes that are important that do not fit into either the category of Pancreatic, proteolytic, or digestive, but they are designed for a specific systemic application. Enzymes such as Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) and Catalase are considered to be one of the most potent free radical scavenger teams available. The enzyme Catalase is essential to include when using SOD because it acts as a catalyst for SOD activity. No SOD product should ever be produced without the all-important Catalase to activate it. SOD and Catalase can also be found in both the Fortase and Fortase XL formulas. Our specific SOD formula is called LIPOSOD which is a high potency SOD, Catalase, and Alpha Lipoic acid formula. A very wide range of nutrients that include, but are not limited to: Glutathione, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, SOD, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, other vitamins, pancreatic enzymes, and nutrients found in Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, and other herbs as well as many other compounds are classified as anti-oxidants. Alpha Lipoic Acid actually works to recycle all anti-oxidants by stripping free radicals from anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants attach themselves to a free radical for the purpose of cleansing it from your system. Once Alpha Lipoic Acid strips the free radical molecule from the anti-oxidant molecule, that portion of the anti-oxidant is available again to function as an anti-oxidant. Alpha Lipoic Acid then carries away the free radical molecule for elimination.


PURVANA- Hair and Nail Support

Purvana from Wellgenix is designed to provide maximum nutritional support for building beautiful thick hair and strong nails.


MENOCET Menopause Support

Menocet menopause support from Wellgenix is designed to help aid women through the perimenopause and beyond. Menocet is designed to provide maximal nutritional support to address concerns for long-term health risks, such as osteoporosis, that are associated with menopause. This once daily formula is more convenient than many competing products.



New Menopause Support from NOW Foods is formulated to the exacting specifications of NOW's certified nutritionists. It contains recommended potencies of key ingredients that have been shown to support normal hormonal levels during menopause.* this synergistic blend includes standardized herbal extracts and other nutrients which, together, form a truly well-balanced and effective product for women. Take in conjunction with NOW Eve Women's Multiple for complete nutritional support.



Resveratrol from Wellgenix contains 500 mg of Resveratrol and Quercetin