Vitamins are a general term for nutrients that are used to supplement the daily intake of nutrition. Many companies produce vitamins and other supplements of good quality. However, many of our vitamins and supplements are actually formulas designed for specific purposes. Some of our vitamins in certain ways are like others; a strait forward single nutrient supplement. Most of our supplements are formulated by us, but we do also carry other formulas from trusted nutritional companies such as NOW Foods, Food Sciences of Vermont, Longevity Plus, etc.

Some of our formulas that appear to simply be a multiple vitamin/ nutrient supplement are actually designed for specific purposes. For example our Chelation Complex which is a multiple nutrient formula is specifically designed and formulated to support circulatory health (see our heart and circulatory health section).

Since it is difficult to explain everything about all of our formulated nutritional supplements and the ones we distribute from trusted companies, we suggest that you click on the picture of any vitamin supplement that you are interested in and read the labels that will display ALL the ingredients in a given formula. We have focused on a few of our more popular vitamin formulas since they are very common nutrients produced in unique formulas to enhance their nutritional value. You will find all of our supplements to be of high quality. We carry a very long list of vitamins; B-Complex, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-6 100 mg and 500 mg doses, vitamin B-12, Pantothenic Acid, multiples, Natural Beta Carotene, Natural Vitamin E, Esterified Vitamin C, and a very long list of other nutritional supplements including fatty acid supplements. Quite often, we order in formulas and supplements on request and sell them at discounted rates for individuals. Quite often, these items are not found on our web site. If you are searching for a specific formula that you can’t seem to find, just let us know and we will see what we can do. We may be able to order it for you and save you a little on its cost.


MULTI-FORTE PLUS (Multiple Vitamin/ amino acid/ enzyme)

Our Multiple Vitamin called Multi-Forte Plus is a unique combination of vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes in a two phase tablet. The second phase of the tablet contains the enzymes which are coated by a ph (alkaline) sensitive enteric coating to insure that they enzymes are protected from the stomach acid and to insure they are absorbed in the duodenum. The Multi-Forte Plus Vitamin formula can actually be used as a good nutrition source by someone who isn’t eating due to certain circumstances such as anorexia, or those who have no appetite due to chemotherapy. Because Multi-Forte Plus contains amino acids (protein) along with a wide array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it is uniquely formulated as a broad spectrum nutrient for those who are getting little nutrition.



Our Natural Beta Carotene formula contains 100% natural Beta Carotene. Beware of labeling designed to deceive with Beta Carotene. There are a number of products that contain only synthetic Beta Carotene, but use wording to make you THINK it is natural. Some producers of synthetic Beta Carotene will use the words" BETA CAROTENE" displayed boldly on the label and underneath the declaration of Beta Carotene in smaller letters are the words "a natural precursor to Vitamin A" A very true statement, but deceiving. It doesn’t tell you if it contains natural Beta Carotene, it merely insinuates it. They can only label it Natural Beta Carotene on the label if it contains natural Beta Carotene.



Our B-complex contains the following per capsule: 100 mg EACH of: Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-6, Pantothenic Acid, Niacinamide, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, and Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA). This formula also contains; Vitamin B-12- 100 mcg, Folic Acid- 400mcg; Biotin- 100 mcg



Our Vitamin B-12 contains 1000 mcg of Vitamin B-12 in the form of methylcobalamin and 200 mg of Folic Acid. It is produced in the form of a sublingual tablet which is a tablet designed to be dissolved under the tongue or between the cheek and gums to maximize absorption. The reason for this is that Vitamin B-12 is very poorly absorbed when swallowed and routed through the digestive tract. Our Sublingual Vitamin B-12 also contains 200 mg of Folic Acid per tablet. Folic Acid is a synergistic compound that is a member of the B-Complex family and aids the assimilation of Vitamin B-12. The reason our Vitamin B-12 is in the form of methylcobalamin instead of the more common cyanocabalamin is because methylcobalamin is far more easily absorbed and more readily crosses the blood-brain barrier so that it can be delivered to the brain.



This is the "Russian Formula" provitamin B-15 which is touted as having the ability to aid liver and kidney function, aids detoxification, helps the blood carry oxygen to tissue and many other functions.



Our Vitamin C formula is an esterified, buffered form of vitamin C containing Citrus Bioflavonoids, Rutin, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. An esterified form of Vitamin C refers to Vitamin C that has been combined with other compounds to aid its assimilation. In the case of our Vitamin C formula which we simply call Buffered Vitamin C, we have utilized 1000 mg of Vitamin C in the form of Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc Ascorbate. The Calcium and Magnesium are in the proper ratio of Calcium to Magnesium (60 mg Calcium to 27 mg Magnesium) with the addition of 2 mg of Zinc, all in the ascorbate form. These minerals do add to the supplemental mineral intake of Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. However, the primary function of using the minerals in ascorbate form is to provide a high potency Vitamin C that is bound to the above mentioned minerals to greatly aid in the assimilation of Vitamin C. Putting vitamin C in a mineral ascorbate form also buffers the vitamin C which not only makes it more gentle on the stomach, it virtually eliminates diarrhea experienced by many when the most common form of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is taken.

It has also been shown that in order to properly utilize Vitamin C, at least 10% Bioflavonoids should be included with any Vitamin C formula. There are those in the world of nutritional medicine that regard Bioflavonoids as potentially being more important than the Vitamin C itself. We have included 20% Citrus Bioflavonoids (200 mg) in each tablet, as well as 10 mg of the potent Bioflavonoid known as Rutin. In addition to aiding the assimilation of Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. Along with the Vitamin C in ascorbate form, Citrus Bioflavonoids, and Rutin. We have also included 25 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Although Alpha Lipoic Acid has a number of functions, we have included it in our Vitamin C formula for its well-known ability to recycle anti-oxidants. This will not only aid in better and more efficient utilization of Vitamin C, but it also aid in more efficient utilization of all anti-oxidants.



Recently, Vitamin D-3 has been found to be far more important than was previously realized. Vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol) has had many reported benefits. It has been known for years that it is very important for assimilation of calcium into skeletal tissue (bone) and maintaining bone density, although more recent studies seem to indicate that vitamin K-2 is even more important for directing Calcium to where it needs to go. More studies need to be done on Vitamin D-3, but researchers are finding that vitamin D-3 plays an important part in maintaining immunity. It appears that Vitamin D-3 may prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, muscle wasting, osteoporosis, and more. There are also Vitamins D-1, D-2 which research indicates are not as beneficial as Vitamin D-3 and in general it is only recommended that the diet be supplemented with Vitamin D-3, not D-1 or D-2.

Vitamin D-3 is one of those supplements that you can actually get for free by absorbing ultra violet rays from the sun. Although dark complexioned people have a more difficult time getting Vitamin D from sunshine, so do those who use sun screen. More recent studies indicate that people need much more Vitamin D-3 than originally thought. It is not uncommon for some to take 5,000 IU per day although the recommended Daily Value (DV) is only 400 IU daily. And even though many are taking much more than the Food & Drug Administration’s DV of 400 IU, Vitamin D is an oil soluble vitamin and has a potential of storing in the liver. Too much stored Vitamin D or any other oil soluble vitamin can lead to liver congestion, jaundice, and other serious complications. It is highly advised that you consult your physician about a proper Vitamin D dosage. Because of the recent research done on Vitamin D, many physicians are now ordering blood tests to determine whether or not their patients have proper levels of Vitamin D. Most people who request a Vitamin D level test from their physicians are gladly granted that request.

Our Vitamin D-3 is produced by NOW Foods. Each tablet is 5,000 IU tablet per tablet and is presented in a sublingual mint flavored tablet. Because Vitamin D-3 is an oil soluble vitamin, it is sometimes not absorbed well through the digestive system. A sublingual tablet is a tablet that is designed to be dissolved under the tongue or between the cheek and gums (buccal absorption) for maximum absorption. When dissolved under the tongue it is directly absorbed into the blood stream through the sublingual arteries. Dissolved between the cheek and gum, it is absorbed directly into the blood stream by the buccal arteries.



We have two forms of Vitamin E. Both are 100% natural vitamin E formulas. The first is 400 IU of d-alpha Tocopherol. The second form of Vitamin E is a Vitamin E Complex that is also has a potency of 400 IU of d-alpha Tocopherol, but also contains 80 mg of the natural Tocopherols d-beta, d-gamma, and d-delta Tocopherols along with 100 mcg of selenium.


Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamin E

Be sure to read labels carefully when attempting to determine whether or not a vitamin is natural or synthetic. In the case of Vitamin E, there are a few tricks used to deceive the consumer. A vitamin only has to be a certain percentage of natural origin before it can be called natural on the label. Only a close examination of the label will tell you whether or not it is 100% natural. They do have to list the ingredients on the nutrition panel. With Vitamin E, a natural form is indicated as d-alpha Tocopherol. The synthetic form is indicated as dl-alpha tocopherol. This is a subtle difference that is overlooked easily by anyone who isn’t really familiar with the particulars of Vitamin E. Another common trick used is to boldly declare "Natural" on the front label panel and also to list "Mixed Tocopherols" as if it were a superior quality of the product. Most people would assume that they were looking at a product that contained a mix of 100% natural mixed tocopherols, and in many cases that is exactly what it is, and it would most likely be an outstanding product. However, many times they are merely a mix of d-alpha and dl-alpha Tocopherols which means you have a mix of naturals and synthetics. Always read the labels of nutritional supplements closely.



It has been well known for years that vitamin D (specifically Vitamin D-3) is crucial for bone health, and more recent research now seems to indicate that Vitamin K-2 is not only a critical factor in bone health, it appears that it may be the key to proper calcium absorption for bones and maintaining a healthy circulatory system. Some researchers and physicians make the argument that Vitamin K-2 is the most important nutrient second only to calcium in supporting healthy bone and correcting bone health issues. They point to the fact that other countries that diets rich in vitamin K, but much lower calcium intakes, yet have far fewer problems with bone density issues and disorders such as osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The vitamin K-2 revelation seems to have come from observations that osteoporosis was virtually unknown in China even though typical diets of Chinese are not known to be rich in calcium. In fact the average person in China only ingests about 200 mg of calcium daily; raising interest in the role that Vitamin K-2 might play in bone health.

It used to be recommended that American women ingest 1000 mg of calcium daily to prevent and/or help treat osteoporosis. That recommended 1000 mg dose of calcium has been increased over the years to 1500 mg daily and now some physicians are recommending 2000 mg daily, and still getting poor results. Yet osteopenia and osteoporosis are rampant in America while those problems are virtually unknown in China. This observation led researchers to take note of the typical Chinese diet which is rich in Vitamin K-2. This alone would note prove that Vitamin K-2 has a significant involvement with bone health, or any involvement for that matter. But it did lead to further research. What researchers found is that Vitamin K-2, an oil soluble vitamin was critical for the production of osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is a hormone that signals and directs calcium to the proper locations where it is needed and utilized in the human body. It is now believed by researchers that Vitamin K-2 deficiencies may also be a critical factor with those who have a tendency to deposit calcium in their arteries. Without Vitamin K-2, osteocalcin levels are deficient. In turn calcium wanders around aimlessly until it is either picked up somewhere along its journey, or until it is deposited somewhere that it isn’t particularly needed including the circulatory system.